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Kyle Mayans

School of Public Policy/ School of City and Regional Planning

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  • School of Public Policy
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I was born and raised in West Palm Beach FLorida.  While a very reserved child, my mind always wandered, particularly about societal issues.  Evenutally, my early interest in politics coupled with my desire to understand the root cause of social and economic inequalities naturally brought me to pursue a degree in Political Science and ultimately a Masters' in Public Policy.  Generally starting with a local focus, I plan to use my skills from the Public Policy school and from my dual degree coursework in the School of City and Regional Planning to focus on a career where I can help adress some of society's wicked problems.  How do you improve the economic condition of cities and communites without over gentrifying the area and creating an enclave for the wealthy?  How do you improve access to higher education for everyone while keeping trade options appealing for others?  How do you improve the overall health, social, and economic outcomes of all Americans, particularly for minorities and other historically underserved populations?  I certainly don't have the answers yet but I would not be in the school I am at or on the career path I intend if I was not interested in at least starting to find them!  

Faculty Advisor:
Brian An
  • Bachelors of Arts, Political Science New College of Florida


Research Fields:
  • Economic Development and Smart Cities
  • Economic Policy
  • Education Policy
  • Inequality and Poverty
  • Program Evaluation, Public Management and Administration
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Urban Economics
  • Wicked Problems
  • Health
  • Regional Development
  • Children's Programs
  • Education Policy
  • Inequality, Inequity, and Social Justice
  • Infrastructure
  • Vulnerable Populations
  • Wicked Problems