Brian An Discusses Groundwater Policy Research in LSE Publication

Brian An

Posted July 1, 2022

Brian An, assistant professor in the School of Public Policy, co-authored a piece in USAPP, a daily blog operated by the Phelan US Centre of the London School of Economics. In it, he and co-author Shui-Yan Tang of the University of Southern California discussed their recent research examining stakeholder engagement in groundwater sustainability efforts using California’s model.

They wrote that “policymakers can advance their sustainability goals by using inter-agency collaboration mandates to push stakeholders to work together.”

“But they first must understand why certain public agencies may be overly attached to their bureaucratic ‘turf’ and what prevents them and others from developing integrated collaborative frameworks that match the scope of the underlying collective action problems. Our work unpacks these agency-specific characteristics to inform the design of collaboration mandates and offers valuable lessons for policymakers and public managers interested in their use.”

The article, “Designers of Collaboration Mandates for Sustainable Natural Resource Management Must Address Public Agencies’ Concerns About Losing Autonomy and Influence,” is available at

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