Technology Policy and Research Center Ranks atop Centers of Research Excellence

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Posted November 2, 2021

In a new article published in the academic journal Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Georgia Tech’s Technology Policy and Assessment Center (TPAC) ranked number one overall on a list of centers of research excellence in the field of management of technology and innovation (MOT). While nearly 300 schools around the U.S. had faculty with publications in MOT-recognized base journals, only 21 met the criteria to be a center of research excellence.

TPAC is a center for data analytics for science and innovation hosted within Georgia Tech’s Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts by the School of Public Policy. It uses data analytics to impact the science and technology landscape by profiling emerging technological areas, developing new interdisciplinary evidence-based approaches to technology assessment, and more. The center produces research, advanced education and training, and funded research opportunities.

The rankings compared the 21 centers across 37 total categories. TPAC ranked first overall in number of active researchers (6) and authorships (28), as well as second in researchers that are editors of key MOT journals (6).

TPAC was listed in the top tier of U.S. MOT centers of research excellence, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management and the University of California, Berkeley.

TPAC is directed by Jan Youtie, director of policy research services in Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute; Alan Porter, professor emeritus in the School of Public Policy; and Diana Hicks and Philip Shapira, professors in the School of Public Policy.

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