News: Rosenberger Gives Virtual Opening Keynote

R. Rosenberger

Posted November 20, 2020

Robert Rosenberger, an Associate Professor of Philosophy in the School of Public Policy, delivered the opening keynote for the Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations conference held in early November. The four-day digital event was hosted by the Design Lab at the University of Twente in the Netherlands and brought together ideas from engineering, art, design, and philosophy to tackle issues regarding how technologies shape human experience. The “postphenomenological” school of thought was a central working philosophical perspective of the conference. Dr. Rosenberger’s talk was entitled “The Hard Problem in Postphenomenology.” 

For this group’s related book series, for which Dr. Rosenberger serves as Editor-in-Chief and co-founder, see: 

Learn more about the conference here: Keep up to date with conference conversations on Twitter using the hashtag,  #PHTR2020.