News: Dr. Youtie Publishes Book on Team Science

Jan Youtie

Posted February 12, 2018

Jan Youtie of the Innovation Co-Lab at Georgia Tech and Professor Barry Bozeman of Arizona State recently published a book titled The Strength in Numbers. The book explores the aspects of collaboration that is now common among scientists today. Dr. Youtie and Professor Bozeman provide an overview of the research being conducted on science collaboration. “The rise of team science is one of the most important developments in the last decade. The advantages have been studied more than the problems, however. One of the biggest problems is that few scientists are trained to manage teams”, Dr. Youtie explains. “Many problems occur because of incorrect assumptions and when disputes take place, they are often resolved by seeking to avoid conflict and difficult collaborators”, she adds.

They discuss their findings from interviews and surveys from scientists with previous experience working in teams. The book is based on a survey of 640 US university scientists and engineers, web posts, and 60 personal interviews. The book also addresses the tensions science teams commonly deal with. Dr. Youtie and Professor Bozeman develop the “Consultative Collaboration Management” strategy for managing research collaborations. The strategy pinpoints the core features necessary for support scientific team functions and successful scientific outcomes. Dr. Youtie says, “One of the things we do in this book is to provide some guidelines, primarily around addressing problems through upfront communication early in the research project.”


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