News: Scott Ganz Examines Charitable Responses to Hurricane Harvey

Scott Ganz

Posted September 21, 2017

Scott Ganz, assistant professor in the School of Public Policy, recently co-authored a short article for the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) AEIdeas blog exploring interest in donating to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The post, titled, "Who is helping after Hurricane Harvey?" was published on Sept. 21 on the AEI website and was co-authored by Alex Brill, a resident fellow at AEI. 

Ganz and Brill analyzed google searches that included terms suggesting an interest in donating to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. They found that public interest in donating to relief efforts spiked in the days immediately following the storm.  They also looked at interest in donating to hurricane relief by state and concluded that, "states with higher median household incomes were more likely to donate" and that "states with a higher proportion of elderly people and a population that is generally more religiously observant were more likely to give."

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