News: PhD Candidate Evan Mistur Publishes Paper

Evan Mistur Aug 2017

Posted August 16, 2017

Evan Mistur, a PhD candidate in Georgia Tech's School of Public Policy, recently published a research article titled, "Health and energy preferences: Rethinking the social acceptance of energy systems in the United States." In this unique paper, Mistur explores the relationship between people's health and their opinions of various energy sources such as coal. natural gas, and nuclear power. Mistur was able to get a good start on this project through an insightful and relevant class of his at Georgia Tech. 

"The paper stemmed out of my Stats II course with Dr. Greg Lewis," Mistur said. "Dr. Lewis assigned a final paper for the class essentially asking us to write a research paper on our own. After submitting the paper for class and seeing that it might have some promise Dr. Lewis helped me to continue working on it by advising me on the process and giving me revisions to get the work into order."

Mistur said that he took this Stats II class during his second semester in the program. Through much teacher-student feedback, Mistur got in a rhythm with completing this gaudy assignment and was able to produce an entire draft only a few months later.

"If I can, I'd like to thank Dr. Lewis for his patient -- and much needed -- guidance on the project," Mistur said. "His input and advice was invaluable for me as an amateur researcher bumbling my way through the process."

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