News: Lindsey Ploussard Receives Federal Jackets Fellowship

Lindsey Ploussard

Posted December 3, 2016

Lindsey Ploussard (Public Policy, Class of 2018) was selected as a recipient of the competitive Federal Jackets Fellowship and will work for Representative John Lewis in DC during Spring 2017.
Lindsey has multiple internship experiences: in the Governor’s office, the Georgia House of Representatives and the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, building her skills from the local level to the state, and now national, levels. During Fall 2016, she was an intern in the Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs at the Governor’s office. Her work covered a variety of topics: education, public safety, public health, economic development and criminal justice.
Lindsey will represent Georgia Tech to show that Georgia Tech not only has one of the nation’s most prestigious engineering programs, but also has a strong, competitive policy program that generates a high-quality workforce for public service. We are proud of her achievements.